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We focus on providing LCFS-related services to producers of biofuels, including corn and sugarcane ethanol, renewable diesel, biodiesel, biomethane and sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).

Pathway Certification

Getting your pathway certified to generate LCFS credits
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Post-Pathway Certification Reporting

Post-pathway certification quarterly and annual reports
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Account Assistance

Account registration and administration
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Customized Services

Customized LCFS training and assessments
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What is LCFS Consulting Services, Inc.?

LCFS Consulting Services Inc. is a California corporation based in Los Angeles, CA. We advise companies that are regulated parties under the LCFS regulation, or are considering becoming regulated parties, helping them with their fuel pathway applications, quarterly fuels transactions reports and annual fuel pathway reports. We also provide customized training and account registration and maintenance services.

We are longtime LCFS regulatory and fuel pathway application experts. Our expertise includes years as CA-GREET modelers. In our ranks, we have three certified LCFS verifiers (2 lead)…



“We at Praj believe all companies, no matter in what industry or where located, must reduce their carbon emissions to the maximum extent possible on the road to net-zero carbon by 2050 or before. Employees, customers and other stakeholders are demanding it. That means Praj must have this mandate in mind with every project we undertake on behalf of our clients.

With this understanding we hired LCFS Consulting Services and Nathalie Hoffman to give our most senior executives training courses in the LCFS, the RFS, GHG life cycle analysis and related subjects. We found the courses to be exceptional and the accompanying PowerPoint presentations engaging and full of useful content.

We highly recommend these courses and Nathalie Hoffman to any company desiring this type of training.”

Shishir Joshipura, CEO and Managing Director, Praj Industries of Pune, Maharashtra, India

“Nathalie speaks and writes Portuguese fluently and is able to conduct meetings entirely in Portuguese. She is not simply a meeting arranger, but a strategic thinker who was invaluable in formulating strategies for each potential client after the meetings. Along with her existing relationships with the people with whom we met, we were able to start at the top with a warm relationship with every executive or government official with whom we met. We could tell that the Brazilians shared our confidence in her and respected her. Nathalie’s unique experience, contacts and general expertise on Brazil helped us seamlessly enter this new market. She made a number of key recommendations, including advising us on law firms, location of the best office space to maximize our business, and in-country staffers that have all worked out very well. Equally important, Nathalie is a relentlessly hard worker, a quick study, and passionate about what she does. I very much enjoyed working with Nathalie, and I recommend her highly to any organization wishing to enter the market in Brazil, or grow their existing business.”


James L. Witt, Chairman, Witt Associates and former Administrator of FEMA

“Over these almost three decades, Ms Hoffman has provided business development and/or legal services to clients from diverse business sectors, including heavy industry, such as the oil industry and agricultural equipment, to intellectual property-related projects, including those with a nexus to the FIFA World Cup and Olympics. She has helped foreign companies to enter the Brazilian market, assisting them to have a positive and seamless experience in a market that is daunting to those who have never been there or don’t have the right help. With her fluent Portuguese and her “cultural fluency”, she is able to find the right law firm, accountant, office space, etc. She’s as comfortable in Rio de Janeiro or Sao Paulo as she is in Los Angeles, California…I have no hesitation in recommending Nathalie Hoffman’s services to any entity or individual interested in doing business or increasing its business in Brazil or alternatively for Brazilian companies seeking to enter the US. Entering, developing business and succeeding in a country that’s not your own is always a challenging undertaking and it’s necessary to have trusted and experienced advisors to help an entity through the process. Ms Hoffman’s professional life and career clearly represent a guarantee of accumulated knowledge and experience in all these challenging domains.”


Edgard Telles Ribeiro, Ambassador & Head of the Brazilian Financial Office in New York, Brazilian Ministry of External Relations

“Nathalie is an outstanding US lawyer with deep roots and thorough knowledge and understanding of Brazil and its legal system and business environment. Her proficiency in Portuguese and the fact that she has lived and worked in Brazil allow her to bridge the cultural gap with ease. Her management and lawyering skills make her a key business development tool for any US companies willing to do business in Brazil and Brazilian companies on thriving in the USA, especially in California, where she is based. Nathalie certainly is a door-opener in both jurisdictions.”

Neil Montgomery, Founding and Managing Partner & Associados, São Paulo, Brazil, Montgomery & Associados

A Nathalie é nossa parceira há muitos anos. Ela é uma pessoa que conhece … muito bem o Brasil e seus aspectos econômicos e culturais o que sempre facilitou no entendimento dos nossos projetos.”

Translation: Nathalie has been our partner for many years. She is a person who knows … Brazil very well and our economic and cultural aspects, which has always facilitated her understanding of our projects.

Marcius Dal Bó , Divisão de Marca e Comunicação, Grendene

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