Services We Offer

We provide the following consulting services on an “a la carte” or package basis:

Getting your pathway certified to generate LCFS credits

  • Review of your company’s current LCFS fuel pathway registration(s), if any
  • Review documentation related to your company’s operations
  • Based on the first two items, determination of the best fuel pathway application (FPA) strategy for your company – Tier 1 or Tier 2?
  • Calculation of your pathway’s carbon intensity (CI) under the CA-GREET 3.0 life cycle analysis model
  • Preparation and submittal of FPA to CARB
  • Creation of LCFS-compliant Monitoring Plans
  • Interface with CARB and your company throughout the process
  • Representation and interface with members of the VB (verification body) team validating your fuel pathway application, responding to their questions and resolving issues that may arise
  • Seeing the process through until certification

Post-pathway-certification quarterly and annual reports

  • Preparation of annual fuel pathway reports (AFPR’s) of operational carbon intensity (CI)
  • Preparation of quarterly fuel transaction reports (QFTR’s)
  • CARB-recommended quarterly review of operational CI
  • CARB-recommended quarterly review of QFTR’s
  • Interface with members of the verification team for both the AFPR and QFTR’s

Account registration and administration

  • Assistance with registering your facility on CARB’s proprietary platform
  • Acting as your California LCFS account administrator on an ongoing basis, including interface with CARB’s platform team

Customized training and assessment

  • LCFS-ready assessments
  • LCFS training

What are our Differentiators from Other LCFS Consultants?:

There are other consultants who may offer some or all of the services we offer. However, there are significant differences in experience and abilities of LCFS consultants that can have a substantial impact on your results.

Fuel pathway holders are required to have their existing pathways re-certified by December 31, 2020 if they want to be able to generate LCFS credits on January 1, 2021. Yet there have been major, time-consuming changes that went into effect at the beginning of this year, and there’s a strict time limit after submission of the fuel pathway application by which the pathway must complete the certification process. If not completed within the time period, the fuel pathway holder must go back to the beginning and start again.

Add to those changes the necessity of using a new version of the CA-GREET life cycle analysis model to calculate the pathway CI, and there are numerous traps for the unwary that can lead to the loss of LCFS credit income. Therefore, it’s key to have consultants who are expert in the LCFS and creating and validating fuel pathway applications.

And, when the producer is located in Brazil, there are additional considerations in choosing a consultant. We are unique in the Brazilian marketplace in our ability to assist you to get the best result in a timely manner. Consider the following differentiators:

  • The team’s key members are all accredited by CARB as LCFS verifiers in the first group ever certified. In order to be certified:
    • We had to take a rigorous and intensive training course in fuel pathway applications under the new CA-GREET model and the newly required LCFS validation and verification processes.
    • In order to be accepted into the verifier course, we were each required to have the appropriate educational and experiential background.
    • We had to pass a test in order to be certified.
  • We are expert in both Tier 1 and Tier 2 LCFS fuel pathway applications.
  • We are expert CA-GREET 3.0 modelers.
  • We create the newly-required monitoring plan for the pathway as part of our FPA services.
  • As accredited verifiers, we know what the verification body validating your fuel pathways will be looking for, and we will prepare you for the validation process to enable you to have it completed in a timely and successful manner.
  • We have many years of experience providing LCFS-related consulting services. This experience enables us to understand what’s important to CARB, giving you the best chance of success.
  • We have longtime good relationships with CARB LCFS personnel at both the decision-maker and day-to-day staff levels, and ready access to them.
  • Additionally, for Brazilian FPH’s:
    • We are all native English speakers and writers.
    • Nathalie Hoffman lived in Brazil and is a fluent Portuguese speaker.
    • A member of our team is a Brazilian sugarcane ethanol process engineer.
    • We have a California office, providing quick physical access to CARB offices in Sacramento, and telephone access in the same time zone.

We marry the foregoing differentiators with on-the-ground experience in Brazil with sugarcane agriculture, sugarcane ethanol production and the co-generation of electricity from bagasse.

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